Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Saddleback Presentation by Franklin, Liam and Lewis

Check out our Saddleback Presentation

Check out Maia and Joyce's Presentation

Presentation about the Brown Teal Duck

Our Market Day Spreadsheet

Group NameExpensesFloatTotal MoneyTotal Profit
Master Money Makers$7.00$4.00$37.00$26.00
The Fluffers$0.00$4.00$54.40$50.40
Stationery Solutioners$2.50$4.00$80.80$74.30
Unda The Sea$16.90$4.00$80.50$59.60
Handy Crafts$15.00$4.00$66.00$51.00
Total: $61.40
Room 3's total Profit$294.60