Friday, 4 September 2015

I’ve finally hatched!

I’m in the car and leaving Living Eggs. I’ve
arrived at Sunnyhills Primary School. Jo is carrying me with all my brothers and sisters. It was very quiet.I am being put in my incubator. YAY, I think I’ve been put in the front. I’m so eggcited to finally be ( or break ) free. I started peeping and using my egg tooth to get and then I got some help.

Then I heard some cheaping. Was it one of my brothers or one of my sisters? Then something tapped on my shell, one of them must be out . She or he helped me out and I got out. It was a bit brighter. I saw one of my sisters and she cheaped. I was really tired and I slept in my warm incubator.

Tomorrow it was 8:00 am and one of my brothers and one of my sisters had hatched. Then I heard some people. I heard them say that we are very very very cute. Then more people came! I heard a bell ring. Someone picked me up. What’s going on? She put me in a larger home. I was very hot so I walked to the coolest part of it.

Some other people came in but then another one of my sisters started to hatch. Everyone was surprised and I was eggcited to see my sister. Then another class came and ANOTHER!! I was very nervous. Why were they coming? They also thought we were cute. Of course we are. We are fluffy, so we are cute. I wished that my other brothers and sisters can get out of their shells so I can see them.

Then my little brother or sister hatched, while a class was there but her tail was stuck to he or she’s shell. Then the teacher helped he or she out and we got moved to the big house. It was the best of my chick days. THE END. IMG_1321[1].JPG
By Amy and Jannin

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