Friday, 4 September 2015

The Great Distraction to Sunnyhills
“Peck, peck.” “ Peck, peck.” I make these sounds as I first come out of my egg. I push the shell and peck at it. I hear loud sounds outside that seem like wailing sirens to me. I pear outside of my shell and see big faces staring at me and talking in excited shouts. “ Look! That one is pipping!” cries an excited shout. “ You’re right!” shrieks another one. “ Hey come over here, look that one is cracking!” shouts another one. I quickly back up into my egg and wait for the giants to go away.

For the rest of the day I stay in my shell and stay put. At around 2:35pm the giants take all my brothers and sisters into plastic boxes. As they lift me out I whine and retreat back into my shell. As soon as I am out I feel a sudden chill of wind down my back, my whole egg is cold now, I curl up and wait for this nightmare to end.

When I wake up I start pecking and find that the world is dark outside. I peer outside and find that there are no more giants outside. So I start work and I peck at the shell. More and more bits of eggshell fall off. Finally, after many hours of hard work, I make it out and see the outside world for the first time. When the giants come back again they shout and shout and shout. I’m so scared that I jump on top of my brothers and sisters that have hatched as well.

Then a big giant bigger than all the rest, tells two giants to do something. One giant does something and my home feels cold all of a sudden. Then another one takes my roof away and picks up one of my sisters! The giant reaches for me but I dodge and she doesn't get me.Then a big male giant comes over and reaches for me but I still am able to dodge him. The first giant says something to the second one and she reaches for me and grabs me. I get transported to a big blue box.

When I am in the big blue box I notice it is boiling hot so I press myself against the other side of the box. I notice that it is a big light that is giving off the heat, I just hope someone can turn it off. On giant argues that the light should be turned off, another one argues that it should be kept on.

Luckily, the one arguing to turn it off wins the argument and we stay cool. Then they turn it on again and we all have a little snooze.

When I wake up, I see a lot of giants they are very noisy. They keep talking and shouting and some even tap at the glass. My sisters are all scattered around the place panicking. Then even more excited shouts arise from the crowd because one of my brothers is hatching. I don’t really find what’s so amazing about my brother hatching, like, seriously, I don’t even think it is that interesting, just a bit gross.

In the afternoon more and more people arrive, in fact, some people even arrive twice! I finally notice that me and my sisters and brothers are a great distraction to this school, Sunnyhills.

By Franklin

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