Friday, 4 September 2015

Lewis' Diary Entries


Dear Diary,

We got ten chickens today from a lady called Jo. She works for a company called Living Eggs. She talked to us all about the genders and the 21 day hatching process. The white ones are the male chickens and the brown ones are the female chickens. We got our ten chickens on the 19th day. We were told that they would hatch in about two days. We got extra morning tea time because she took so long telling us about them (No Offence). We actually got like 5 extra minutes including the real twenty minutes of morning tea.  Sep 2, 2015 10:36:33 AM.jpg


Dear Diary,

When I came to school today one of the eggs and a crack in it and pretty much stayed the same for the whole day so, yeah. But we did hear it chirping at around at eleven o’clock.

Sep 2, 2015 10:02:32 AM.jpg


Yee-haa they hatched !!! Four chicks. One boy that I will call Alexis Sanchez. The first girl I will call Santi Cazorla because she has a mohawk and Santi Cazorla has one too. The Second I will call Sandy Saw-Dust because she is always pecking the Saw Dust and the last girl I will call Mesut Ozil. She has weird eyes like Ozil.

Another One! I’m going to take a photo. There we go. I’m not sure if its a boy or a girl but it is very tired so I’ll name it tomorrow. WIN_20150902_095601.JPG

We have Room 21 in here looking at the chickens and the eggs in here and again another one hatched !!! I will be naming it like the other one tomorrow anyway, I need to go to the interschool gymnastics competition so we will see what tomorrow brings. We have four more chickens to go...  

Dear Diary,Sep 4, 2015 9:13:52 AM.jpg

We have two chicks that hatched so the brooder box looks like this

okay naming: Girl, Sped because she runs a lot, Boy, Sir Eggmont Hillary, girl, Becca, girl,Brooklyn. So yeah we only have two more eggs left, and they haven't even started pipping yet! So they might not hatch.

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